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By signing above, you authorize El Monte Community Credit Union to extend your final loan payment by one month. The $25 processing fee per loan will be automatically deducted from your savings account. If you do not have sufficient funds in your savings account for the fee we will deduct the fee from your checking account. Interest will continue to accumulate on your loan during the month you skip your payment. Payments made through Direct Deposit/Payroll Deductions will be deposited into your savings account for the month you are skipping your payment. Real estate loans, credit cards, LOC’s and delinquent or bankrupt loans are excluded from this offer. All your loan accounts must be current; you must meet minimum balance requirements and otherwise be a member in good standing to qualify for this offer. Otherwise, this offer does not apply. If there are not funds in your account to pay the processing fee, your Skip-a-Payment request will not be honored.

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