El Monte Community Credit Union

Fee Schedule


Effective January 1, 2013
  Checking Account Fees  
  Share Draft Orders Based on Style Ordered
  NSF Returned Unpaid $22.00 per item
  Courtesy Pay $22.00 per item
  Share Draft Collection $15.00 per item
  Stop Payment $22.00 per item
  Stop Payment Range $32.00
  Funds Transfer $1.00 per transfer
  Copies of Drafts/Statements $3.00 per item
  Account Reconciliation $25.00 per hour
  ATM Fees  
  Replacement Card $5.00 each
  ATM Use Fee $1.00 each after 4 free each month
  Hot Carding $10.00 each
  Debit Card Fees  
  ATM Withdrawals $1.00 each after 5 free each month
  POS Transactions Free
  Overdraft Fee $18.00 each
  ACH Fees  
  NSF Fee $22.00 per item
  Courtesy Pay $22.00 per item
  Stop Payment $12.00 each
  Other Fees  
  Membership Fee $1.00 (one-time fee)
  Money Orders $1.00 each
  Gift Checks $2.50 each
  Returned Item $22.00 per item
  Dormant Item $7.00 (one-time fee)
  Wire Transfers:  
  Domestic $15.00
  International $40.00
  Verification of Deposits $5.00 each
  Stop Payment on CU Check & Share Drafts $8.25 each - Fee Increased to $22.00 Effective 05/15/17
  Collection Item $20.00 each plus bank fee
  Fax fees $0.25 per page, non-local $1.00 per page
  Pay Off Demands $30.00 each
  Photocopy of CU Checks $3.00 each


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